Synthetic teak for Deckmakers

Transform the look of Boat Decks or Camper Floors with Synthetic Teak

Synthetic Teak Decking Systems

Why Choose Deckfab?

Our team at Deckfab are proud to offer a range of quality decking and flooring solutions. Nearly all of our systems and innovative flooring designs are produced in the UK by highly reputable manufacturers, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and durability

At Deckfab, we pride ourselves on offering the most realistic representations of teak, rather than a broad range of colours that could potentially have a detrimental effect on the resale value of your boat.

PVC Synthetic Teak

Synthetic Teak surface texture has a realistic natural grain, giving it an almost indistinguishable appearance from natural teak. We offer varied and popular colour PVC extrusions in 20 metre length rolls, suitable for fabricating synthetic teak deck products. Additionally, we provide extrusions for edge margining and wide planks for making border margins.
Our synthetic teak deck products are durable and of high quality. Our system is top and bottom welded on the margins and backwelded elsewhere, making it the most durable in the market. We have been fabricating decks for 15 years, and we are confident that our system is the best on the market.