PVC Synthetic Teak Decking 

The Deckfab Synthetic Teak System 

Our Panel Systems are used by Beautiful Marine Floor deck makers. We know what goes into making great boat deck panels from materials, extrusions, welding, adhesives to final fitting. We can guarantee more – its not just about branding PVC material virtually all of it coming from the same source. Its about how the PVC is welded, durability, quality and the final product looking as close to wood as possible.

Our PVC Deckfab system is heat backwelded and both solvent and heat welded at the margins making it the most durable and latest decking system you can buy. Our extrusions were designed from 15 years of deck making experience to ensure the panels are constructed the best way possible. Only the best deck makers are authorised to use our panel system to ensure consistency. Using Deckfabs designed tooling the PVC manufacturers produce top quality PVC Synthetic Teak materials to match any on the market. The manufacturers 30,000 square foot manufacturing space houses 15 extrusion machines which run 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The site footprint contains 40,000 square feet of storage.

PVC extruded Synthetic Teak Dccking Rolls

PVC Material is welded together and cut to shape

PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Panels are Fabricated

Colours and Specifications

Whilst other manufacturers seem to offer a multitude of colour combinations and marketing claims we have simply concentrated on offering the best product. Our aim has been to produce the best artificial teak with the best weld system to produce the most durable and best deck panels. To that end we offer traditional colour which is by far the most popular, along with weathered and aged. Caulking colours are black or cream. Our material is the most durable because it is 100% Virgin PVC. Our unique heat and backweld system produces the strongest panels and the interlock shape underneath produces maximum adhesion to the deck,