PVC synthetic teak manufacturing

Production, Extrusion and Distribution

The factory is a seasoned and reliable plastic extrusion manufacturer centrally located in United Kingdom. Deckfabs specific tooling benefits from this central location as it provides seamless access to all corners of the British Isles positioning us as an agile supplier capable of efficiently meeting the diverse needs of customers across the UK.

The factory hub spans an impressive 30,000 square feet, dedicated exclusively to plastic extrusion manufacturing. Within this space, are operated 15 state-of-the-art plastic extrusion machines 24 hours a day, five days a week producing bespoke plastic extrusions.

Complementing this considerable manufacturing capability is Deckfabs modern warehouse in Chichester, UK ready to despatch material internationally, ensuring that we can readily cater to the demands of our distributors.

The wealth of experience as an extruded plastic manufacturers has honed the ability to be responsive to the unique requirements of each client. This flexibility, coupled with unwavering commitment to quality extrusions matched to the demands of the marine industry, sets us apart from many plastic extrusion companies.