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Floteak ECO-Decking System

Natural Material Properties

This is our ECO-friendly alternative material with unique properties. Materials are composed of a cork/rubber composite material combining cork and selected rubbers leading to the products unique characteristics. The product is oiled to provide stain and UV protection.

Product Features

The product is produced in roll form and provides a durable and slip resistant deck covering, both easy to maintain and clean. Deckfab distributes the product in 13x 1 metre plain rolls and grooved uncaulked 3m x 1 metre rolls in 4 pack to its distributors. Distributors use plain rolls to add curved margins and kingplank to produce more intricate panel shapes. The product is designed as a deck system for construction of typical boat cockpit floor and seat panels for both powerboat and sailboats. Boatowners should expect to oil their decks every season in a similiar fashion to teak in order to maintain the natural look of wood in a teak stain colour.

Floteak Plain Roll

Floteak Grooved Roll sold in Packs of 4 (3mx1mx5mm)

Finished by Caulking and Oiling 


Being a completely natural product it is important that the product is maintained like other natural decking surfaces with oiling using our recommended oil as and when oiling is required. This prevents staining and discolouring due to UV sunlight rays.