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Tecdecking is our brand of decking materials for deckbuilders. Produced by UK manufacturers that have been fabricating custom plastic extrusions, profiles and tubes in a variety of materials for different markets and a wide range of applications for over 30 years. Spanning rigid, flexible, co or tri-extrusions they have experience and an in depth knowledge of plastic extrusion tool design and manufacture. Using Deckfabs designed tooling the PVC manufacturers produce top quality PVC Synthetic Teak materials to match any on the market. The manufacturers 30,000 square foot manufacturing space houses 15 extrusion machines which run 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The site footprint contains 40,000 square feet of storage.

What is Co-extrusion?

Two materials are blended, for products where a single polymer cannot fulfill the complete product specification requirements, maintaining separate layers of each material at the required thickness. This allows the appropriate placement of each material to deliver the specified product part results. This is used when different properties such as strength, stiffness, wear resistance and oxygen permeability are required

PVC extruded Synthetic Teak Dccking Rolls

PVC Material is bottom welded together

PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Panels are Fabricated

Tecdecking Cool

Tecdecking made of PVC is prone to get hot in direct sunlight so in response to this we have developed Tecdecking Cool. This is a completely natural raw material with unique properties which give it an unrivalled character. It is light, impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic and compressible, provides thermal and acoustic insulation, it is a fire retardant and highly abrasion-resistant. Furthermore, it is completely biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Materials are composed from one of the largest cork producers in the world. From this cork is derived a cork rubber composite material combining cork and selected rubbers leading to further unique properties. The final product is produced in roll form and provides a durable and slip resistant deck covering, both easy to maintain and clean.

Deckfab provides two types of Tecdecking Cool rolls to Distributors

1) Rolls with Caulking Channels. Distributors may also sell the product cut “off the roll” for DIY enthusiasts

2) Plain rolls in panels of 2m x1m and 3m x 1m which are then used as sheets for cutting more intricate shapes on a CNC machine and producing curved margin corners to be used in conjunction with the product above.

Tecdecking Cool Rolls with Caulking Channels

Caulking Channels Close Up

Finished by Caulking any Colour

Tecdecking Cool Plain Sheets are sold in 2metres x 1 metre or 3 metres x 1 metre sheets that can be laid flat and caulking channels CNC routered. This enables the production of more intricate panel designs

Tecdecking Cool used to Produce Cockpit Seats for a Typical Sailboat. Advantages over other Products are that 1) Seats remain Cool to Sit on 2) Great Looks 3) Non Slip 3) Durability 4) Insulation 5) ECO- friendly