Our Decking Brands


There are a wide range of decking materials in a variety of colours and textures that a customer may choose to apply to their boat decks. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Such factors largely depend on the application, customer preferences as well as the boats location and its exposure to the sun. PVC synthetic teak is a popular choice with many boatowners and traditional style decks can be fabricated using these materials which have established themselves in the market in recent years. The Virgin PVC used in our PVC Tecdecking is recyclable but has no recycled content which tends to dull the decks appearance. Our other brand is a natural composite of Cork and Rubber already used in a variety of other applications. We call this eco-friendly alternative Floteak and it is used to produce a brand of decks known as ECO-decks.. 

Tecdecking – (www.tecdecking.com)

Tecdecking surface texture resembles wood with a very realistic natural grain, making it almost indistinguishable from natural teak. We supply manufactured rolls in 10 metre lengths in a variety of extrusions through a distribution network.

Tecdecking can be sold as a hot weld section for professional fabricators or as a tongue and groove section which can be formed into deck panels using a solvent adhesive.  

Synthetic teak decking

Floteak – (www.floteak.com)

Floteak composite material is a roll product used to make ECO Deck Panels and comes in a traditional colour only. The product provides for a environmentally friendly alternative. Sold in plain rolls 1 metre x 11 metre x 5mm for fabricators to produce panels. Fabricators cut caulking groove channels using a router jig or CNC machine. All panels are simply glued into place on a boat deck to produce a high quality, low maintenance, carbon neutral, decking surface. We stock Floteak rolls for distribution to deckmakers.

Floteak for ECO decks