Deckfab Products

Deck Refurbishing can be undertaken using a variety of materials and it is a matter of deciding which is the best choice for your boat and practical needs. Different materials require different skill sets so this might also have a bearing on the final choice. The most complex traditional style decks can be fabricated using our PVC decking strips. These PVC materials have already firmly established themselves in the marketplace. Simple Deck Fabrication is possible using “Roll” or “Sheet” product where the caulking lines run the length of the roll or sheet. This permits a Deck to be easily fabricated by simply cutting the material to shape.  Examples of this include ECO Friendly Decks made of our “Floteak” comprising of a composite mix of Cork and Rubber.  

PVC Synthetic Teak

Tecdecking is a PVC Synthetic Teak surface texture resembles wood with a very realistic natural grain, making it almost indistinguishable from natural teak. We manufacture strips of varied and popular colour PVC extrusions in 20 metre length rolls. There are also extrusions for edge margining and wide plank for making border margins. These strips are used to fabricate synthetic teak deck products mainly for the marine leisure market. 

Composite Cork

Floteak is a roll product used to provide practical and environmentally friendly deck solutions. Floteak is sold in plain rolls 1 metre x 13 metre x 5mm. Fabricators cut caulking groove channels with a CNC machine along the roll. All panels are then simply glued into place to produce a high quality, low maintenance, carbon neutral, decking surface. We stock 13m rolls of Floteak. The caulking channels on the finished ECO-deck products can be taped either side and caulked using an MS Polymer Caulking material similiar to Sikaflex. 

Floteak for ECO decks

Flotex deck

Flotex deck is manufactured and designed in Britain using Deckfab patent technology. The deck design is printed onto a Flotex fabric and cut out to replicate the appearance of a traditional teak deck. It is soft to walk on like a carpet. .Manufactured from a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely packed short fibre surface of nylon strands which are anchored firmly into the base layer. A technically advanced printing process allows beautiful marine designs to be created on the surface. It is a unique product that is neither synthetic teak decking nor cockpit carpet but aims to provide the benefits of both. It is a very capable indoor/outdoor product for cockpits. It is also possible to use the same technology to print deck designs onto vinyl and some products may be IMO certified.