About Us


We have been distributing PVC Synthetic Teak Material on a small scale for 15 years. Following the amalgamation of various synthetic teak suppliers we began to step up our involvement in material distribution to ensure a level of healthy competition remained within the market. We worked hard to improve all our systems and operations and formed alliances with  innovative manufacturers to bring greater product choices. Deckfab was finally born and the company is now rapidly evolving and looking for more partners inside and outside the UK. We are grateful for the longstanding support and the many friendly relationships we have formed over the years with fabricators. We aim to attract other fabrication companies to use the materials we offer. We are extremely proud to offer such quality product with amazing support from all the manufacturers involved.  

Managing Director


Victor Aspey BSc Maritime Studies

Victor has been in the marine leisure industry for over 30 years. In his 20s he had already skippered a yacht Trans-atlantic and as a Yachtmaster Instructor had taught many to sail and acquire their RYA qualifications. In his late twenties he started his first company selling luxury catamarans which he decided to sell. This company still thrives today. After a few years working at Moody Yachts International he was promoted to the role of Sales Director. The desire to run his own company surfaced again after the first appearance of PVC Synthetic Teak into the marketplace. His experience in the product now runs through from source materials to fitting, backed with a strong understanding of the workings of the marine industry. He is a strong family man with a love of all things associated with the sea.