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Flotex Deks

Synthetic Teak Decking with the Feel of Carpet

Soft tread

Flotex synthetic teak decking is manufactured in Britain and is the latest alternative to PVC style teak decking and EVA Foam. Electronic templates of cockpit deck patterns are designed using patent pending technology and after printing can be cut out to replicate the appearance of a traditional teak deck. It is soft to walk on like a carpet yet has the outward appearance of a traditional style teak deck. It comes on rolls in eight different plank & caulking colours to best compliment your boat upholstery and can incorporate logos and other personal designs.


Manufactured from a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely packed short fibre surface of nylon strands which are anchored firmly into the base layer. A technically advanced printing process allows beautiful marine designs to be created on the surface that re-create the effect of a traditional teak deck yet maintain the feel and warmth offered by a cockpit carpet. It is a unique product that is neither synthetic teak decking nor cockpit carpet but  aims to provide the benefits of both. It is a very capable indoor/outdoor product for cockpits.

Durable & comfortable

Discover its toughness and durability while experiencing the comfort underfoot as a result of the impervious cushioned backing.

Quiet and easy to clean

It performs well as a superb sound barrier and its construction is protected against mould and odours whilst keeping up a stunning appearance. It can be hosed down, brushed and if cared for will retain its appearance for many years to come.